Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Contradictory Resurrection Accounts?

When Tovia Singer put his counter-missionary MP3's on his website, I thought I would have time before the Easter/Passover season to go over his lecture on the Resurrection accounts. Well, I haven't gone over it.

But I'm pretty sure this is the gist: the Resurrection accounts contradict each other.

Well, there was an article about the Resurrection in the Washington Post. I read the following about alleged contradictions in it:
"Some are easy and some I don't know how to reconcile," said Davis, a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). "They were different stories that got talked about and talked about, so its not surprising there would have been some discrepancies. But there's tremendous agreement on the basic facts."

Any discrepancies can be "eliminated by a straight-up reading of the text," said James Emery White, president of the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a evangelical school in South Hamilton, Mass.

Here is an article that approaches the topic with more depth than this blog entry will attempt.

But even after all this, I have a feeling that Tovia Singer may still have a problem even if I grant contradictions (which I don't). But I won't prejudge what I haven't listed to. Hopefully, more on that later.

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