Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jews for Judaism Gives an Example of Alleged Deception

Kravitz outlined what he considers to be deceptive tactics of Messianic Christian organizations such as Jews for Jesus and Chosen People Ministries, who claim Jews can believe in Jesus as the Messiah and remain Jewish.

He said Jews are concerned about Christians who misquote Jewish texts...

Ok, that's at least more of a specific statement. So which texts do we knowingly misquote. I guess they are referring to Isaiah 7:14 and Psalm 22.

In regards to Isaiah 7:14, I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Brown's Answering Jewish Objections, Vol. 3. For Psalm 22, I would recommend this article by Jews for Jesus. Glenn Miller's Christian Thinktank has a very good article about this as well. I posted the link on the comments section of the Jews for Jesus article.

I'm curious if they have these in mind or others. If not, I fail to see how this is deception and not disagreement. I can understand if you challenge someone's foundational belief about who is and is not Jewish and that person confuses that with deception. But I don't understand how a disagreement over a text can be deception.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post, Geoff. Check out a post on the same subject at the Jews for Jesus blog,

1/24/2007 07:28:00 PM  

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