Saturday, November 03, 2007

Is Judaism False Because Some Jews Persecuted Christians?

Well, here is the blurb:
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (BosNewsLife)-- Israeli police remained clueless Thursday, October 25, after suspected Jewish extremists set fire to the American-backed Jerusalem Baptist Church (JBC) in West Jerusalem, raising concerns about growing tensions between Orthodox Jews and the country's tiny Christian minority.

Many times we hear that Jesus cannot be the Messiah because Christians have persecuted Jews over the centuries. Now, if Jews, either in the first century or in the 21st, persecuted Christians, does that make Judaism false?

No. People are sinners. Christians are sinners. Jews are sinners.

We cannot hide behind the actions of others to reject a particular belief. Jesus is or is not the Messiah. Traditional Judaism is either true or false.

While we shouldn't condone the actions of those who break the law and hurt others, the actions of sinners does not prove or disprove either Christianity or Judaism.



Anonymous Mats said...

Very good point.

12/25/2007 02:43:00 PM  

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