Saturday, June 30, 2007

Washington Post Article on Jews for Jesus Campaign

Let's go over a few interesting items from the article.
The group is loathed by many mainstream Jews. Washington area Jewish organizations and the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington have condemned the campaign, saying Jews for Jesus proselytizes too aggressively and misleads potential followers by using Jewish symbols, portraying their places of worship as synagogues and referring to Jesus by Hebrew names.

Was Jesus a Swede? Should we refer to him by his Nordic name?
Jerusalem Post reported that Texas megapreacher and stalwart Israel ally John C. Hagee believed that Jews have a special covenant with God that allows them salvation without accepting Jesus. The Rev. Hagee is already criticized by some evangelicals because he doesn't advocate proselytizing to Jews. He disputed the newspaper report, saying he believes that Jews do need Jesus, but many messianic Jews remain angry that some evangelical leaders are willing to tone down evangelizing in order not to offend Jews.

We should be offended when any Christian tones down the gospel to not offend anyone (the basic content, not using wisdom of when to talk and what type of language to use-not needlessly offending people). The gospel is the only way of escape from the wrath of a holy God. We have broken His law. We are law-breakers. We are in trouble. Anyone who waters this down due to fear of man has done something bad. I'm sure I've done it. And when I do it I should be ashamed of myself.
Working with him was Adam Myers, 21, a junior at Liberty University, who said it bothers him that so many people at his church believe that proselytizing to Jews is unnecessary.

Adam Myers- you rock.
While passing out brochures, Katz got the e-mail address of Michaela Curtis, a 21-year-old intern from North Carolina who grew up in a Christian household where interest in Judaism was high.

"Jews for Jesus is true Judaism, because Jesus was the king of the Jews," she said. "It makes perfect sense to me."

Michaela Curtis, makes sense to me too.
But nearby was Bess Lender, a Jewish George Washington University senior, who disagreed.

"They'll promote themselves as Jewish," Lender said, "but it's just silly to me to think you can be Jewish and believe in Christ as the messiah."

Bess Lender, I wish I could talk to you to explain the evidence for our beliefs.


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